House Renovation Chronicles Ep 3 (Working Document)

It feels like the Specification of Work has become more of a working document… We only signed it last Friday so why does are we back in negotiation phase?

Yesterday the builders tried to start a conversation about re-doing the loft en-suite which we specifically asked them not to touch. It’s one of two areas that have been left out of the spec (the other being the kitchen) as these areas pretty ok and just need a good deep clean.

They argued that once the whole house is done the ens-suite will look dated and out of place, plus it will be more cost effective for them to do everything now as they’ll give a discount for “bulk” or “job lot” work. Hmmmmmm.
There’s nothing wrong with the en-suite other than it’s not to our taste…I mean it’s not offensive it’s just we wouldn’t have chosen to decorate it in that particular style if we had the choice. Once it’s had a good clean it will be fine! It will be fine…but…given that the previous owners decorated and rennovated everything in the house in the cheapest and most dodgy way possible, it would probably be best to re-do it…at some point…I’m pretty sure the builders are just trying to bump up the budget so I must be strong!

Here are some progress pictures for your viewing pleasure

Entrance hallway stripped back to original floor boards


Front reception room bottom half of the wall stripped to brick and floor stripped of tiles.


Master bathroom


Master bathroom ceiling (a bit worrying)


View from first floor landing down to entrance hallway and front door



To be honest I’m a bit disappointed that the skip is red not yellow (lol)



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