House Renovation Chronicles Ep 6 (Nothing Left)

This process is starting to get tricky. With each stage of discovery, another problem gets uncovered.

Oooh those tiles are cracked and the floor isn’t straight lets take up the tiles. Ooooh now we’ve taken up those tiles we can see the floorboards have woodworm, lets take up the floorboards.
Ooooh now we’ve taken up the floorboards we can see the joists are rotten, lets take out the joists.
Ooooh now we’ve taken out the joists we can see the supporting brick columns are damp and there are puddles of water sitting on top of the foundation.
There’s nothing left to take up is there?

We’ll find out this morning whether the supporting brick columns can be saved in any way and I’ve also asked about installing under floor heating.

Here are the stages of stripping back the floor in the two receptions rooms.








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