House Renovation Chronicles Ep 8 (Let There be Love)

…it’s 8.30pm (UK time), we came to check on the house and low and behold the builders are still here.

…they’re putting the floors joists in so the floor can be closed off with floorboards tomorrow. Hurrah!!

The pipe work and electrical cables are all done so just need to stuff insulation in there’ll be a floor! An actual floor! Don’t get me wrong there still a HUGE list of tasks left to do but I’m focusing on the positives for now.



House Renovation Chronicles Ep 7 (Started From the Bottom Now We’re Here)

Progress people progress. Finally!

Since I posted last last we found that when it rains water comes up through the foundations of the house (a lot of water). That meant that the bricks holding up the house were rotting away and had to be replaced. We also found that the house is sitting on clay (great for absorbing water) and the concrete sitting on top of that clay was only about an inch thick. What was I saying before about there not being anything else left to take up? I’ll know better for next time.

Oh also the woodworm found its way into the first part of the staircase so that has to be rebuilt also.

Pretty much all of the ground floor is being re-laid will a nice thick layer of concrete, damp proof course (essentially a huge plastic sheet) and engineered bricks (which are less likely to absorb water).

See “progress” pics below.