Lunch That Turned To Dinner Due To GMT

Well hello!

I’m taking a small break from talking about the renovation as believe it or not there are other things going on in my life (no really). Haha.

I’m currently staying in a serviced apartment and invited my family round for lunch yesterday afternoon to try and restore some normality to my world. Normality? My family? Who was I kidding?

My sister and her three week old baby were the only ones that turned up when they were supposed to. Mum arrived about two hours late (due to a number if public transport dramas) and my cousins were so late we’ve agreed that they will try again next week.

That’s GMT for you. Not Greenwich Mean Time, Ghana Maybe Time (I’m half Ghanaian). Ghana Maybe Time basically means when you invite someone to arrive at 5pm they MIGHT arrive at 5pm…but they’re more likely to arrive at 7pm. To mitigate this, it is common practise to invite guests to arrive at least two full hours prior to the time you actually want them there. This does sometimes backfire and you end up getting lunch guests arriving for breakfast. Yesterday was not one of those days.

Anyway here’s what we ate

Teriyaki salmon


With sweet potato mash and baby spinach


Rice noodles with prawns, courgettes, sweet peppers and sweetcorn


Spicy thyme chicken (cooked for my cousin that doesn’t eat fish…)


Apple Strudel for dessert (I didn’t make this)



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