House Renovation Chronicles Ep 5 (A New Outlook…Kinda)

I haven’t been to visit the house in 4 whole days. Shock horror! I’m taking a new approach to dealing with the renovation in an attempt to better manage my stress. I call this new approach The Don’t Visit The House Multiple Times A Day And Obsesses Over Every Minute Detail. Catchy, I know…I’m very proud. So is this new approach working?

Nope! Well it might be but work has been pretty manic so the time I would normally spend visiting and obsessing (i.e. every spare waking and sleeping moment), has been spent on work. In essence the stress hasn’t disappeared its just transferred. My boyfriend has been so good at keeping me updated in just the right doses and taking lots of pictures although not the angles I would have taken but hey. He works in IT so his pictures mainly focus on wiring and (the holes for) speakers, lighting, network cables and TV points. See what I did there? I said it’s because he works in IT, not because he’s a man….and now I’ve said it anyway so that cancels out my attempt not to make sexist remarks. Moving on…

Look what they found under the floor of the first reception room!


A friggin car battery! How on earth? Why on earth?

They’ve filled in the former fireplace (they had to take it out and redo it because it was filled with rubble which was causing damp).They were a little over-zealous with the removal phase of that task as they went right through to the neighbour’s house and we could see the back of their wallpaper.


See? Pictures of holes for spotlights and speakers in the kitchen ceiling.


New wiring laid in the floor.


Oh and before I forget, subsequent to further investigation it wasn’t just the area of floor the builder fell through that was affected by woodworm, it’s 80% of the entire ground floor. Yay for woodworms they’re pretty efficient little buggers aren’t they?