House Renovation Chronicles Ep 9 (The Last 6 Weeks)

Hello all,

You’ll be pleased to learn that I am indeed still alive. It’s been a painful, very painful process of trying to get through this renovation and still lead a normal life. I’m just about coping to do both with amazing support from friends and family.

This episode is going to be a brief summary of what’s been going on with the house and my life. Do let me know if you want some more detail on any of the points.

1. The house isn’t done (big surprise)

It was supposed to be done on 18th October, or at least done enough so we could move into one bedroom and have one functioning bathroom. Why 18th October? That was the date we had to move out of the apartment we were renting so the new tenants could move in. Now I was fully aware that we probably wouldn’t hit that date and booked a serviced apartment near work for a few days but by that weekend the builder told me it would be another 2-3 weeks “or so”. It’s the “or so” that is un-nerving right? Right!

2. “We” is now “Me”

So “we” are officially on a 6 week break but I have no idea if there will be a “we” ever again. The process of buying a house is partly to blame…it definitely brought to light some issues that I wasn’t aware of but hey that’s life…that is my complicated life.

3. I think the builders preferred the “We” to “Me”

This has by far been the most challenging aspect of it all. Bad enough I’m having relationship issues, whilst trying to renovate a house and having to deal with being a little bit homeless the builders have become increasingly difficult to deal with. It’s like when they found out they decided to rip up the specification of works and take a holiday. Everything from refusing to provide me with updated payment schedules to messaging him in response to a message I’ve sent, to just flat out rudeness. I’ve lost count of the number of times I had items delivered to the house and there was no one around.

4. I’m Back to Daily Inspections

Against everyone’s advice I’m back to this again and it’s the only way I would have found that next to nothing was done for 2 weeks. It’s maddening but comforting s at the same time.

5. I Think I Can See The End

Though it has been a drama the house is just starting to look like a house again. I can see that when it is eventually done it will be just what I wanted. Hopefully like a mother that has just given birth I will forget all the pain and be overwhelmed with joyful emotion. Yeah right!

The next post will be picture heavy with updates in progress.